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Sci-Tech Safari Camp Applications

Sci-Tech Safari 2002 applications are no longer being accepted. Please check back in the summer for Sci-Tech Safari 2003 applications.

In the meantime, if you really want to go to Sci-Tech Safari in the future, here's what we look for:

  • Do you have excellent behavior and self-control at school, on the bus, and in ASP? Can your teachers and parents depend on you to always do the right thing?

  • Do you complete your homework and class work on time everyday? Do you always work your hardest?

  • Are you in good physical condition? There are lots of physically challenging activities in Sci-Tech Safari like wild caving, canyon hiking, and beach exploration. Get off of that couch and get some exercise!

Judy Lindsay, Principal Karen Evans, Assistant Principal

Russell Elementary

ATTN: C. Laster

3920 South Hurt Road

Smyrna, Georgia 30082

(770) 319-3910

FAX (770) 319-3911

[email protected]

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